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The Hunter and The Gatherer…

There was a time when I didn’t appreciate my husband’s passion for hunting and fishing (particularly when I was adjusting to life with two new young boys). Now that I made it through the baby-phase of mothering, I am able to appreciate the influence and benefit it provides to our family.

Bryan grew up hunting and fishing. That includes deer hunting with a rifle, hog hunting with a bow, spear fishing, duck hunting from the kayak, floundering, deep-sea fishing, etc.  The specifics of it gradually changes, but not until he dives in head-first and masters it.  He obsesses until every nook and cranny has been uncovered.

It constantly amazes me the understanding he has of the outdoors.  For the most part,he thinks it’s common knowledge. I tend to disagree, and I think many would benefit from his experiences.

I am glad the boys are finally at the age where they can tag along with him on some of his outdoor adventures, practice their shooting and knot tying with his guidance, and even listen to his stories.

Meanwhile, I plan to pick his brain and share our experiences with bringing the wild inside our home.