Two birthdays ago, my husband received a BBQ pit from his father.  While we have had plenty of game to grill, we haven’t taken advantage of the new pit lately.  Just recently, Bryan declared he would barbecue more this year.

Inspired by his new announcement, he and the boys set out to collect firewood.  He even built up our designated wood area in preparation for the new arrivals.

The wood they retrieved was a mix of green and dry mesquite.  The picture shows the obvious difference between green and dry.  In three months, the green wood should be ready to use.

Being from Texas, mesquite is a commonly used wood for cooking.  It burns hot and long for that purpose. Also, it adds a nice flavor to the food.  My husband’s other preferences for cooking are pecan, hickory and oak.

Mesquite is found in Southwestern U.S. and Mexico.  It tends to have gnarly thorns on the new growth, but as the tree develops, the thorns aren’t present.   I love mesquite for the unique growth patterns. It makes for interesting tree climbing.  DSCN1609.JPG

Mesquite tends to be on the pricey side of firewood. We’re fortunate enough to have friends and family with land, so we can collect the mesquite for the price of gas to fill the chainsaw.    DSCN1581.JPG

We even found an interesting subject hiding in the wood while stacking it.



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